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About Van Beek

A Van Beek is always customised


Core activities of Van Beek

Van Beek is the specialist in the area of screw conveyors. The core activities of the company, set up in 1939, consist of selling, designing and manufacturing screw conveyors. Van Beek customises every screw conveyor. The company has over 50 employees.



Van Beek is a niche player. The organisation specialises in high quality customisation of stainless steel screw conveyor systems and it delivers them worldwide. More than 80% of production is exported. In particular the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries are grateful to make use Van Beek’s expertise.

The bulk truck loaders form a separate machine line. Under the trade name Dino, Van Beek is the global market leader in this equipment. You can find more information on this on


Automated where possible, traditional craftsmanship where necessary

We see it as a challenge to automate everything that works better without human intervention. We not only aim for this in production, but also in the office, in sales, engineering and our work preparation.

For you as client this means a keen price and maximum service. You can quickly and easily consult documents such as manuals, construction standards and certificates via our online client portal 24 hours a day. Not only during the production process, but also after delivery and during servicing operations in the future.

Where automation does not give the required result, we use our traditional craftsmanship. Also of high quality, because in addition to experience, Van Beek regards continuing training for every employee as an absolute condition for delivering top quality.


Core values



Customisation is our starting point. What we make is unique for every client. We help them make the best choices, based on our broad expertise. Customisation not only includes our machines, but also the way in which we help our clients in the broadest sense of the word. We treat every client as unique.



We think in solutions for our clients, colleagues and partners which are creative, specific, clear and pragmatic, in addition we also think outside the box.


Cooperation with pleasure

We create the conditions so that we can work with pleasure. Anyone who enjoys their work does not simply give up, but just takes a step further to get everyone what they need. We work together as a unit, with tolerance, understanding and mutual respect. With pride in our product, our company and our people.



We are open and honest. We are honest to clients and to one another about what we can and cannot do. We know what we expect of one another.



We are happy to lead the way and our clients expect us to lead the way. Not only in our products, but also in our approach. We are innovative both technically, organisationally and in the area of automation.



With one another we are responsible for achieving the best results, for using and reinforcing our skills and delivering the best quality, we take responsibility. We finish what we have started.