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Mixing solids and liquids homogenously?

The Celsimix, developed for various difficult mixtures


What is the Celsimix?

The Celsimix mixes ingredients at a controlled temperature. Thanks to this unique thermal function the Celsimix is able to create homogeneous mixtures of different components, both solid and liquid. The Celsimix is equipped with two screws that can both be removed for easy and careful cleaning. The machine is silent, energy-efficient and compact. The Celsimix is also fully customizable and can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications in the food and chemical industry. Mixing caramel with nuts as a basis for cereal bars or limestone with polyolefins for carpet tiles are just a few examples of the great versatility that the Celsimix offers.


When can you use the Celsimix?

A standard industrial mixer is not suitable for homogenously mixing liquid and solid ingredients. Most mixers are not made for ingredients that differ significantly in density, stickiness, size or hardness. For further processing it is often important for these types of mixtures that the mixer produces a continuous stream of homogenously mixed product with a constant temperature and texture. We have developed the Celsimix especially for these challenging mixtures with all the requirements mentioned in mind. 

Who uses the Celsimix?

The sectors in which the Celsimix is used differ considerably from the food industry to the chemical and recycling industry. A few examples of products for which the Celsimix can be used successfully are muesli, chocolate, toffee, nuts, limestone and polyolefins but many more applications are possible. 


What experiences are there with the Celsimix?

One of the biggest fans of the Celsimix is the Bühler Group from Switzerland, a well-known system integrator focussing primarily on mechanical and thermal process engineering. The company operates in over 140 countries and has more than 13 thousand employees worldwide. In cooperation with the Bühler Group we have written a customer case about their experiences with the Celsimix which you can read here.

Why Van Beek?

The Celsimix is made by the reputable Dutch company Van Beek Schroeftransport. Our company has decades of experience with screw conveyors and screws for thermal applications or bulk truck loaders. Over this time thousands of screw conveyors have been installed in countless process lines. You can see this experience in our competent (sales) engineers. They see solutions where others have failed and they will be pleased to help you think through how to incorporate our machines in your production line.


Where can you test the Celsimix?

As a producer you know your product like no one else, you know how closely the texture matters for further processing your product. We have a mobile version of the Celsimix including the dosing unit and heater that is available for extensive testing in your factory, so you can discover for yourself how to achieve the required result by adjusting the settings.

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