Standard Dino

The Dino DR300 is a Dino with a capacity of 40 m³/hour and can be equipped with a lot of popular options for loading into bulk trucks. This Dino has been designed based on many years’ experience in response to a market that makes increasingly more stringent hygiene requirements.

The Dino DR300 can for example be equipped with:

  • Manually operated loading bellows on outlet side: for adequate connection to the bulk truck.
  • Pneumatic beaters on the outside of the inlet hopper: so that product does not remain stuck to the sides.
  • Fluidising pads in the inlet hopper: these blow air through the product so that it flows more easily into the screw.
  • Extension rim on inlet hopper: this increases the volume from 450 litres to 1450 litres.
  • Lid on inlet hopper: to reduce dust.
  • Industrial dust filter mounted on base frame: for dust reduction on inlet and outlet side

Our standard models offer you an immediate solution to suit most situations. Many decades of experience have taught us that a specific challenge often requires a customised Dino, something we understand better than most. Our sales engineer will work together with you to assemble a bespoke Dino, configured to meet your specific loading operations.

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