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Inclined screw conveyor for the production of Sultana biscuits

For Koninklijke Verkade from Zaandam Van Beek has designed three mobile inclined screw conveyors for quickly and efficiently adding cinnamon sugar and syrup chips to the Sultana biscuit production process.

Koninklijke Verkade is a historic company from Holland that as early as 1886 started the production of bread and biscuits. Nowadays Verkade produces (delicious) chocolate, biscuits and wholesome snacks, in many varieties, sizes and flavours.

For example the wholesome Sultana snack. For more than 50 years Sultana has been one of the top Verkade brands. The first Sultana biscuits that Verkade produced were cereal biscuits with raisins, but meanwhile a very wide range has been created from savoury to sweet.

Mr Arie Visser, production manager at Verkade in Zaandam is talking. "To put the different toppings on the Sultana biscuits it is necessary to add the sugar, cinnamon and syrup chips to the production process at set times. These ingredients are supplied in bags and have to be added at a height. Together with Van Beek we looked for a health and safety solution so that staff could safely add the toppings from the ground. We came up with three mobile inclined screw conveyors. Mobile because we did not need them permanently and the screw conveyors could be put away after use so that they did not get in the way."

The inclined screw conveyors were delivered 'turn-key' by Van Beek, which means that they included the switch cabinets and were 'plug and play'. As a result the machine can easily be moved to anywhere they are wanted and used immediately.

With a capacity of 2.5 m³ per hour the cinnamon sugar and syrup chips are lifted at an angle of 45 degrees to a height of 2 metres. To prevent the product falling back down there is an extra small wall clearance. A magnet is used on the outlet, this filters out any metal particles from the product before they can get into the production process.

The design of the inclined screw conveyor is out of stainless steel 304 with a very high level of finish which is water blasted both inside and out. Because of a detachable lid on the trough in which the screw conveyor is housed, this can be properly cleaned over its full length. The inclined screw conveyor can be easily folded down so the machine can also be cleaned in a horizontal position and it is mobile.

"We can look back at a long term relationship with Van Beek. That is also the reason why I contacted Van Beek directly when we were looking for a solution for lifting toppings in the Sultana production line. For 10 –15 years we have already had other Van Beek screw conveyors in operation in a production process for waffles. Van Beek is usually our key supplier where screw conveyors are concerned" says Mr Jan de Lange, technical support engineer with Verkade in Zaandam.