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New Van Beek website application-oriented with focus on personal contact

The new Van Beek website is clear, concise and application-oriented so visitors to the website can quickly find what they are looking for. Rene van Manen of Storm Solutions design agency played an important part in the process to develop the new site and gives tips for setting up a successful site.

Tip 1: Don’t put everything on your website

“Companies often tend to put everything they have to say about their products on their website”, says Van Manen. “Because of this urge you often get a huge amount of information on a website with numerous drop down menus. But this means the overview is quickly lost.”

“It is very difficult to answer all the questions that a customer may have about the products on a website and still keep it clear.”

Tip 2: Do not leave website visitor to their fate in a maze

The solution is literally simple. The website only has to give a summary of what is possible for a company. Then if there are any questions, a phone call is enough to get these answered. “A company like Van Beek wants to help its customers personally. Whether this is to give an explanation of a product or for help with after sales”, explains Van Manen. “A company that delivers customised work does not want to leave customers to their fate on a website that feels like a maze. “

Tip 3: People do business with people, express that

“In some companies you see an enormous involvement of the employees. In that case I think it is important also to show these employees because they make the company what it is”, explains Van Manen. “They are not there for the money, but because they want to do a good job and have a passion for their profession. On a website for a company with such involved staff do not just show products, but also employees while they are at work.”

Tip 4: Think solution- and application-oriented

Keep a website brief, clear and application-oriented. “Visitors to a site do not go there with the thought: ‘I need product A or B’, but with the thought: ‘How can I find a solution for my challenge?” says Van Manen.

“Too often websites force visitors to click on a number of products while they do not want to see products, but solutions. Start from the solution and then show the product.”

Are you curious how this approach has worked out in redesigning the site of Van Beek? Experience the website yourself on

From salesman to communications all-rounder

After training in advertising Van Manen worked as a sales assistant and label manager. After becoming the owner of two fashion companies he went to work with Suitsupply, where he worked as regional manager and sales director. Finally he became responsible for foreign expansion.

In the evenings Van Manen studied business administration at the HES in Amsterdam. In 2009 he brought his experience talent together in Storm Solutions. The company is a one stop shop in the field of communication, photography, film productions, graphic design, concept development, project support and management solutions.