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Nijhof-Wassink decides on ‘dedicated’ use of Dino bulk truck loader

Nijhof-Wassink Transport, a specialist in bulk transport by road, rail and water has recently invested again in a second Dino bulk truck loader from Van Beek of Drunen. This investment pays for itself because of the completely dedicated use of the Dino.

We spoke to Mr Tonny Haselbekke, business manager at Nijhof-Wassink Intermodal in Coevorden. Nijhof-Wassink Intermodal is part of the Nijhof-Wassink Group and carries out the transport and storage of bulk dry products and liquids.

"In Coevorden we transfer big-bags / octabins and packaging from small packages to bulk and vice versa. The contents of these octabins constantly changes from powders and granules, usually it is plastic granules or powdered starch. Over 14 years ago we purchased a Dino bulk truck loader from Van Beek and are still using this daily for transferring the various products. This Dino is still satisfactory and continues to looks good. The purchase was a huge investment at the time, but has now proved to be a durable one.

Because of this durability we have decided to buy another Dino bulk truck loader from Van Beek. We will now use the two bulk truck loaders alongside one another and fully dedicate them to the medium to be transferred. By always using the Dinos for transferring the same product, we immediately save a lot in cleaning costs. In spite of the fact that the Dino can be fully and easily cleaned, the man-hours always make a difference for the cleaning and waiting time for drying.

We have chosen Van Beek again because they actively help us think things out and come up with solutions. For example a vibrating screen has been fitted in the demountable expansion rim instead of in the inlet hopper itself, so it is still possible to use the Dino without a screen if necessary. The screen collects pieces of big-bag or other material that do not belong in the medium.

An additional advantage due to the vibration is that any medium that has clumped together is separated again. You can imagine when a big-bag is emptied in one go a large amount of powder flows into the hopper of the bulk truck loader. Because of the great weight the powder is as it were compressed, but is separated again by the vibration. The medium can also stick together in the inlet hopper, resulting in a bridge being formed. To solve this problem Van Beek has fitted pneumatic beaters to the walls. Our experience is that with Van Beek the whole process from design to completion runs very successfully.".

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