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Rent a Dino bulk truck loader

We receive regular enquiries from the market about the possibility to rent a Dino® bulk truck loaders for short-term projects, which is why Van Beek has started with a new concept: Rent a Dino®!

We have multiple Dinos®available to rent:

  • Dino® DR300, 40m3/hour, stainless steel
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Lid with hinge across the entire length of the screw
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Outlet with plastic hose and level indicator
  • Turnkey delivery

Optional extras:

  • Pneumatic hammers
  • Hopper extension around the inlet hopper for increased volume
  • Dust reducing cover at the inlet for big bags with a hose or cutting blades
  • Outlet with loading bellows (manually operated)
  • Solid wheels

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