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Substantial expansion of test centre

The test centre has been considerably expanded in the past three months, both as regards equipment and technology and as regards know-how and staff. As a result Van Beek can now respond to even more complex problems such as for example questions relating to changing material properties upon heating and/or cooling, thermographic testing and pyrolysis.

An even greater variety of equipment is now available for simulating small-scale applications and determining product variables. A wider range of metering equipment is also present for determining test values. For example, thermographic testing is now possible (link to article on thermographic testing) using a thermographic camera for test set-ups in the test centre (as well as on the client’s site).

In April engineer Bud Baier was recruited as a new employee to support our process technologist, engineer Martijn van den Hil, in preparing for and performing tests. At the start of July a second new employee, Manuel Paans Msc., arrived to strengthen the team. Mr Paans is a chemical technologist and last year completed his Masters in Chemical Technology at Twente University.

Their first joint project is to design a test installation with which pyrolysis processes can be performed and tested on a laboratory scale.