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Van Beek wins Graydon Award

Van Beek Screw conveyor systems has recently won the Graydon Award. Financial services provider Graydon presents this award to companies who are among the top financially healthy companies in the sector. Mr Bobby Schuitemaker of Graydon Nederland BV presented the award personally to Perry Verberne, Managing Director at Van Beek.

Financially sound

The receipt of the Graydon Award means that Van Beek is among the best 3% companies in the process and manufacturing industry as regards financial stability. Perry Verberne, Managing Director of Van Beek, is proud of this award. “In a time when many companies are going through troubled financial times, this award emphasises that we are a strong, healthy company which clients and suppliers can trust. I think that we have every reason to be proud of this.”

Van Beek has won this award thanks in part to the efforts of Nikki Figee-van der Drift. She is responsible for financial administration in the company. She herself is very down-to-earth about this. “I have just done my job, all based on confidence and accuracy. I always make sure that our annual figures for the past year are already known in January and then submitted to the Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible.” But Nikki is also very proud and pleased with the award: “This award feels like a real reward!”

Corporate social responsibility

Graydon is the leading source in the field of corporate social responsibility for companies in the Netherlands. Strict conditions must be met to be considered for the Graydon Award. For example a company must have a positive credit recommendation (A to AAA credit rating) and the risk of default must be minimal. To measure this Graydon updates its company database daily. A lot of factors are taken into account here, such as turnover figures, annual figures and payment behaviour.