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Screw conveyors quick to clean with Van Beek Hypreme

Thanks to Van Beek’s innovative cleaning techniques screw conveyors can also comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. In some segments of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries screw conveyors were previously not seen as an option, but the Hypreme products SpeedClean and EasyClean have changed all this.

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Celsimix: developed for various difficult mixtures at a controlled temperature.

Celsius developed the Celsimix for applications that standard mixers in the food and chemical industry cannot cope with. It started as a project for mixing caramel and nuts, but in the meantime the chemical industry has also been grateful to use this special mixer.

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Looking for the best way to take a sample of your product?

Checking your product during processing is very important to maintain quality. But how do you safely take a representative sample without having to shut down the whole process? Van Beek has developed the Sample Screw for this purpose: an innovative sampler that is easy to clean.

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Van Beek’s innovative SpeedClean in the race for Accenture Innovation Award

Van Beeks innovative SpeedClean screw cleaning method is competing for a prize in the Accenture Innovation Awards. The concept that drastically speeds up the cleaning of screw conveyor systems has been accepted in the category of smart manufacturing.

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Ardo uses special trough conveyors to retain taste and heat of its fresh red cabbage products

‘We preserve nature’s precious gifts’ has been the slogan adopted by ARDO B.V. for more than forty years. The Zundert-based company is Europe’s largest frozen fruit and vegetable producer. Van Beek has supplied Ardo with a closed system of three trough conveyors, and in doing so has helped ensure that the red cabbage retains its taste, colour and shape while it is processed into a frozen vegetable product. With special facilities – such as CIP lines, flat-body ball valves and bead-blasted finishes – the red cabbage can be hygienically conveyed, while ensuring optimum cleanability of the screw conveyors.

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Inclined screw conveyor for the production of Sultana biscuits

For Koninklijke Verkade from Zaandam Van Beek has designed three mobile inclined screw conveyors for quickly and efficiently adding cinnamon sugar and syrup chips to the Sultana biscuit production process.

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Hygienic screw conveyance for production of Cheddar cheese

Van Beek has delivered a screw conveyor with an extremely high hygienic finish level to Tetra Pak Tebel B.V. from Heerenveen. This trough conveyor is used in the production of Cheddar cheese in Northern Ireland.

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Van Beek lanceert de verbinding tussen hygiëne en schroeftransport: Hypreme

Hygiëne en schroeftransport komen samen in de naam Hypreme. Een nieuw concept van Van Beek waarbij beheersbaarheid van hygiëne het uitgangspunt is. Speciaal ontwikkeld voor food, pharma en chemie. Het complete ontwerp staat in het teken van het voorkomen van microbacteriële groei en het grondig kunnen reinigen en inspecteren. Daarmee biedt Hypreme beheersbaarheid in productieprocessen waarbij alles draait om hygiëne.

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Optimum hygiene for screw conveyance by patented ‘SpeedClean’ concept

Hygiene standards for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and meat and food processing industry are being continually tightened. The cleaning of machines is a priority to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. The aim is to strive continuously and carefully for higher speed cleaning to save costs and claims. Van Beek has designed a patented innovative screw cleaning method for these specific sectors: the ‘SpeedClean’ concept that drastically speeds up and improves the cleaning of screw conveyor systems and makes them more ergonomic.

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