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Shaftless conveyors

For sticky, wet or irregular materials

The advantages of shaftless conveyors

For companies that deal with sticky, wet or irregular materials in their production process, shaftless conveyors are often the solution. With the shaftless screw conveyors big distances can be bridged without intermediate bearings. The screw is supported over its entire length by a wear-resistant plastic lining. The shaftless conveyor therefore operates extremely well in a limited space, even if a considerable height difference has to be overcome: an elevation angle of 90° is feasible. Shaftless conveyors are often used in waste processing. They are the ideal equipment for the smooth transport of sludge, household waste, catering waste or screenings. Even large lumps of material can be carried easily.

In the food industry the shaftless conveyor is used for the transport of 'problem vegetables’ such as spinach or sauerkraut.