The Van Beek bulk truck loader: Dino®

In addition to straight-out payment, Van Beek has created a number of alternative options for either buying or using a new Dino®. Spread payments, hiring, leasing and buying with a guaranteed buy-back option.

Spread payments

You can pay for the Dino® in spread instalments over a maximum period of two years. Additional cost is 9 percent of the new-price.


Duration: At least 4 months. The machine remains the property of Van Beek, and you are required to take good care of the Dino® A maintenance contract (in The Netherlands) is included in the hire price.

Costs: basic costs € 4000 + 5 percent of the new-price per month + transportation costs from and to your location.

If you decide to buy the machine after the hiring period, 70 percent of the total amount that you paid in monthly rental will be deducted from the new-price.


Operational lease as well as financial lease. Costs depend on current interest rates. It can be handled via our finance institution or your own. An example of a financial lease on the basis of a finance interest of 7.5 percent, lease period 5 years, purchase price € 40,000. Costs € 890 a month, final payment if you wish to buy after 5 years is € 3000.

Buying with guaranteed buy-back at a price and time agreed beforehand

Duration at least one year, proper care/maintenance of the Dino® is mandatory. Buy-back price compared to new price: after one year, minus 37.5 percent, to be reduced by 2.4 percent of the new-price every month thereafter.

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