Screw conveyors are not only found in the food and chemical industries or in the environmental and recycling industries. We also develop machines for the confectionery industry and the carpet and textile industry. 

Food industry

The food industry uses our screw conveyors extensively for:

  • transporting starch powder
  • sugar dosing
  • transporting meat
  • elevating chocolate powder
  • adding salts
  • elevating onions
  • conveying potato products
  • processing coffee
  • conveying egg shells
  • adding spice mixes

Your specific requirements are paired with our team’s experience, and we offer a guarantee for the engineering of our screw conveyor system. We can meet high hygiene requirements with our Hypreme products, which are, among other things, easy to clean.

Chemical industry

Our screw conveyors are widely used in the chemical industry. We can accommodate the special demands that abrasive salts place on materials, for example. But we are also highly experienced in welding quality, dust-free applications and in finding appropriate solutions for the screw conveyor components which come into contact with the product, such as special treatments.

Environmental industry

In the environmental and recycling industry, our screw conveyors are a frequently used solution for

  • transport of recycled tyre granulate
  • disposal of residue from water purification
  • transporting biomass
  • transporting and mixing plastic recyclate
  • transporting and elevating used PET bottles
  • processing of sewage sludge

Developments in this sector are rapid, so please do not hesitate to discuss your problem with us. Given our experience, there is a good chance that we can offer a suitable and unique solution.

Do you have questions or do you think we can help in any way? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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