Nitrogen cooler

Bulk goods can be cooled and frozen in a short space of time with the (custom-made) Celsius cryogenic cooling screws, which are also easy to clean and come with a process guarantee.

Widely used in food and chemical industries

Cryogenic, or cooling at ‘low temperature’, is a technique for the rapid cooling or freezing of products. It is used in the food, chemical, and manufacturing industries, and also the pharmaceutical sector.

The advantages of the Celsius cryogenic cooling screw

Liquid nitrogen is injected into the product at a temperature of -196°C and immediately mixed. This allows the required final temperature to be reached in a very short time, to prevent the negative effects of temperature fluctuations, to achieve high production speeds and to achieve efficient energy transfer. By freezing the product, the system is also suitable for hardening elastomers and rubbers for example, and then reducing them with a crusher or mill.

What does the Van Beek cooling screw comprise?

The nitrogen cooler is a conveyor screw system with a (vacuum) insulated housing. Nozzles inject liquid nitrogen at several points, which is mixed with the product by using paddles. During the dwell time in the cooling screw, the full thermal energy is transferred to the product. The system is available with a manually extractable screw, which makes cleaning easy. The screw diameters vary: from 50 to 400 millimetres.

Benefit from process guarantee

We work with Dohmeyer NV, specialist in cryogenic processes. This allows us to combine our knowledge and experience of system design and construction with Dohmeyer’s, enabling us to provide a process guarantee on your purchase. Your enquiries about cryogenic screw systems will be forwarded to Dohmeyer, who are also responsible for the commercial process from quotation to delivery. Van Beek will handle the design and construction.

Want to know more about our nitrogen cooler? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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