Do you need a problem-free method of lifting powders, granulates or other raw materials? Then use the purpose-built Van Beek inclined screw conveyors.

Different inclined screw conveyors for a multitude of applications

Inclined screw conveyors are ideal whenever raw materials need to be added to a production process safely and efficiently at height. Van Beek supplies several systems for lifting raw materials:

  • Screw elevators are closed transport systems, which allow you to add dosed dry products to filling lines, silos and mixing tanks.
  • Vertical conveyors for upright feed of powders or granules are the solution to confined spaces.
  • Dino Bulk Truck Loaders for dust-free loading of products packed in big bags and/or loose bulk goods to silo trucks, rail wagons or open dump trucks.
  • Big bag unloading systems for unloading packed bulk goods, such as powders, flakes and granulates.

The chemical, logistic services, recycling companies and food industry all make extensive use of our inclined screw conveyors. They use these systems as part of the production process, or for all tasks where height differences need to be bridged. Find out more in our case studies.

Made-to-measure inclined screw conveyors

Van Beek’s inclined screw conveyors are made exactly the way you want them. We work with you to finalise the diameter, length and level of finish. There are various versions available for all solutions. For example, we can a supply mobile versions, or even machines that are easy to clean over their entire length. Because all our systems are custom-made, they will always match your requirements perfectly. Even in situations in which hygiene plays an important role. Of course, a combination of systems is possible and with options and additions, you can continue to work without any problems, even when circumstances change. You must take into account that there will always be some residual material that may remain in the screw, and that the inclined screw conveyor cannot be run when completely empty.

Transport without product loss

With our closed systems, your bulk goods will arrive in the right place dust-free. This is important when loading chemical powders, for example, or when product loss must be kept to a minimum.

Lifting safely and efficiently

Naturally, our inclined screw conveyors comply with health and safety legislation and carry the CE safety mark. We can supply a stand-alone system including a switch box, allowing you to begin using the system immediately.

Would you like to know more about our inclined screw conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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