Working method

Our sales engineers are at the heart of the project: they are your first point of contact, and they also maintain all internal contact with our project engineers.

The design and construction phase

The process on paper is just the beginning. At least as important as the engineers are the skilled craftsmen in our workshop who produce your customised machine. Our advanced automation system enables our workshop to be paperless, so that we always have the latest up-to-date drawings for your machine.

We carry out the checks, tests and analyses in our expertise centre The Blue Zone, and keep a close eye on whether the screw conveyor meets the design specifications or whether adjustments are required.

You will become familiar with The Blue Zone, where our Test Room and Brain Room are located. Here we test the flow properties of products, and customers are able to read, analyse and discuss all test results immediately.

The Take-off Room handover

The official handover of the machine is a very special moment for us. We have set up a special handover area The Blue Zone: the Take-off area. This allows us to complete the project together with you in calm and peaceful surroundings.

Our service team is at your service

After taking delivery of the screw conveyor, you can rely on a dedicated service team that is entirely familiar with both your needs and the delivered screw conveyor system. Should an unexpected event arise, they will be able to help, as they have a thorough understanding of your situation.

24/7 online customer portal

Thanks to our focus on automation, you can quickly and easily view documents such as manuals, spare part lists and certificates via our online customer portal, 24 hours a day. Not only during the production process, but also after delivery and during future service operations. Naturally, we can be reached by telephone during office hours.

Would you like to know more about our working method? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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