Eggshell Dryer

The Celsius Eggshell Dryer (ESD) has been specially developed to dry broken eggshells in one continuous process, producing an end product that is germ-free, fine-grained and high-quality lime with a moisture content of no more than 1%.

Egg shells as waste

Egg shells are classified in the industrial sector as animal by-products category 3 waste for which the producer is responsible. Disposing of or reusing them can be a laborious or costly exercise. This despite the fact that the shells are 100% recyclable and reusable, and there are some excellent uses for eggshells in the market.

The advantages of an eggshell dryer

Storing, transporting and disposing of untreated egg shells is often very difficult and involves considerable costs. Furthermore, eggs shells can cause an odour problem. Drying them immediately with the help of an eggshell dryer makes this a thing of the past, and adds value to your waste.

What does the egg shell dryer comprise?

The basis of the eggshell dryer is a screw heat exchanger with a trough-shaped casing and a double-walled screw and casing. The elevation angle is 15 degrees. Various control valves regulate the incoming and outgoing thermal oil for the screws and the frame.

Additional options for the eggshell dryer

The following components are optionally available as add-ons to the basic egg shell dryer:
– Thermal gas-fired oil boiler
– Air extraction/wet scrubber
– Inclined screw conveyor systems
– Crushers
– Ozone injection system for odour reduction
– Storage bunkers
– Various connecting screw conveyor systems

The capacity of an eggshell dryer

The ESD is available in capacities of 500, 1000 or 2000 kilograms of dry shells per hour.

Trading hygienised eggshells

The eggshells reach a temperature of around 110 degrees during the drying process, which makes it possible to also hygienise the eggshells at the same time. However, the hygienisation of eggshells must be validated by the inspection body in your country. The ESD complies with European regulations EC 1069/2009 and EU 142/2011, which upgrades a Category 3 waste product into a valuable end product for marketing as a soil improver or as lime for the animal feed or cement industry, for example.

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