Big bag unloading systems

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A Van Beek big bag unloading station with either a feed screw or horizontal screw makes for fast, automatic, ergonomic and safe unloading and dosing of packaged bulk goods. But what if you work with different types of big bags FIBC or bulk bags? Or perhaps in the future you might want to unload and dose hard-to-flow products? Then we can accommodate this by modifying your existing docking mechanism accordingly.

Various designs of unloading systems

Van Beek supplies three versions of the big bag unloading systems, which can handle most common situations. Our big bag unloading stations are available in three versions:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel hygienic design

Big bag unloading stations with extras

Every Van Beek big bag unloading station is made with simplicity and hygiene in mind. The construction is made up of as few components as possible, and is fully welded to reduce the risk of contamination. Round tubes reduce the risk of residual product. And a minimum of surfaces reduces the risk of contamination. Obviously our systems are safe, fully CE certified and are supplied with supporting strength calculations, and are compliant with the lifting and hoisting regulations.

Van Beek unloading stations are built for long term use. They are supplied with  control box as standard. The many options we offer make it easy to find the best solution for your requirements and processes. An example of this would be the two different heights available. Perhaps you want a 1.2 ton hoist, or you may prefer a 2 ton hoist? These and other options also apply to our customised solutions. This allows you to adapt the unloading station to your company’s requirements at any given time in the future.

Preventing bridging

Substances such as starch, flour, carbon black and spice mixes tend to form bridges. This often results in poor outflow when unloading these products. By default, a big bag unloading station is equipped with a static safety frame on which the big bag rests. Our safe variant with a vibrating frame, solves the problem of bridging and contributes to reliable product flow control.

Dosing the outflow

Sometimes, it is desirable to discharge material into a bunker or hopper in doses. To prevent overfilling or to preserve the equipment beneath, such as a butterfly valve or pneumatic conveyor. This can be achieved with an unloading station that includes a diaphragm, where the outlet (chute) of the big bag can be squeezed using the manually operated diaphragm valve. This version can be augmented with a crusher which prevents the formation of lumps in products.

Emptying big bags dust-free and safely

Atex environments or harmful substances require an unloading station with big bag docking. Powders, both toxic and non-toxic, thus remain safely within the system. Operators can attach the docking without any risk to their safety. They need to press the control buttons with both hands simultaneously. This method of working prevents them from becoming trapped, and also allows them to have a clear view of the work area.

Customised unloading stations

Our customer-specific unloading stations are in great demand in the chemical and food industries. This includes customised dimensions, multiple unloading stations or in combination with existing hoisting equipment

Options and extensions

All versions of unloading stations are available:

  • with 1.2 or 2 ton hoist
  • in various heights
  • with lifting beam with hoist or lifting frame for placing big bags directly on top of the big bag unloading station
  • optionally in combination with screw elevators or (existing) hoppers
  • in a standalone version or several next to each other, combined into 1 frame
  • as a bottom frame where there is already a hoist on the premises

Big bag unloaders as part of a process line

We ensure that the big bag unloading station fits seamlessly with its associated equipment, such as screw conveyors and/or dosing screws. We can also easily connect the big bag unloading installation to chutes and air blow-through chutes, pneumatic conveyors and elevators.

Would you like more information about our big bag unloading stations? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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