Gravimetric (LIW) dosing

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Van Beek is well-known for its volumetric and gravimetric dosing solutions. These mechanical dosing systems are suitable for batch or continuous dosing of raw materials and flavourings. Optional agitators guarantee free-flowing powders and a smooth process of conveying, dosing and/or mixing via systems with dosing screw conveyors.

What is gravimetric dosing?

When a weighing system is connected to a (volumetric) dosing system, it is called gravimetric dosing. The weight of the screw including the product determines the product output, and therefore the rotation speed of the screw. You can specify that the process stops when a certain weight has been reached, or that the screw first empties itself and then stops. This method is called Loss in Weight (LIW).

LIW dosing conveyors for continuous product flow

The result of LIW dosing is a continuously flowing product. This is added to a process with a constant flow. An optional agitator prevents bridging of poorly flowing products, such as whey powder, cocoa powder and flour.

Extremely accurate weighing and dosing

Gravimetric LIW dosing conveyors are especially suited to dosing small packages, in batches or in a continuous process. This is used when adding starch, which can be accurately dosed and added to packets of grated cheese to prevent lumps, for example. Or seasoning chips by adding salt. Another application is adding pigment to bricks or tiles.

Gravimetric or volumetric dosing?

A volumetric dosing system is usually cheaper to buy than a gravimetric dosing system. However, an LIW dosing system is more accurate. This can meet high accuracy requirements. Another advantage is that you can make financial savings in raw materials or flavourings. Naturally, the choice also depends on other factors, such as your product’s properties. We are happy to advise you on the solution that best suits your requirements.

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