With customised dosing screw conveyors, you can dose powders and granules and fill (or empty) containers and big bags with dry products, all tailored to your specific requirements. Coarse and fine dosing, or a combination of both.

Dosing systems especially designed for the chemical, pharmaceutical and (pet) food industries

Van Beek dosing systems can be used for volumetric or gravimetric dosing of bulk goods, for the package filling process or dosed feeding of products in a continuous process. Our dosing conveyors are ideal for dust-free filling of small packages/bagged goods and big bags in a batch process.

Various designs of dosing screw conveyors

Our dosing screw conveyors can be manufactured in steel (1.0037), stainless steel 304 (1.4301), stainless steel 316 (1.4401) and in all the other usual steel types. A certified explosion proof version (ATEX) is also an option. The dosing screw can be exchanged for a different screw, allowing for a wide dosing range with the same machine. We can supply angled feed screws, if required, where the available space is limited.

Dosing screws for products with poor flow characteristics

The application is not only limited to dosing free-flowing powders and granulates. Our dosing systems can also be used for poorly flowing products, whether or not in combination with solutions such as an agitator.

Dosing screw conveyors that are easy to clean and inspect

The screw can be dismantled quickly and easily for thorough cleaning and inspection. This makes them ideal for processes requiring frequent product changes. Our dosing screw conveyors have a long service life and require minimum maintenance.

Trouble-free dosing

Our customised dosing screw conveyors are designed to suit your process, which may include:

  • product type
  • flow behaviour of the bulk goods
  • density of the bulk material
  • maximum and minimum feed rate
  • particle size of the bulk material
  • shape and capacity of the hopper
  • other screw conveyor systems

A well-designed dosing screw conveyor can solve dosing problems. From our years of experience and specialisation in screw conveyor technology, we are happy to engage with you.

Would you like to know more about dosing materials? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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