Turnkey projects

We can undertake and deliver entire projects involving screw conveyors for handling and processing bulk goods. From testing the flow behaviour of a product to the assembly and maintenance of your screw conveyor systems, including all the associated documentation.

Turnkey projects for screw conveyors

The chemical, pharmaceutical, food and recycling industries can rely on over than 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in using screw conveyors for powders, granules, flakes and granulate. We know how solids behave and about the requirements that production processes have to meet. All our products are geared to these requirements and are always custom-made.

Solutions from A to Z

We devise the solution to any question, problem or change of requirement you may have regarding internal bulk conveyors or the processing of your product. If required, we will install our systems fitted with controls that allow you to start with one push of a button. Would you like to read more about our turnkey solutions? Read about our case studies and the experiences of other users.

Testing the flow behaviour of dry bulk products

Tests can give you insight into the behaviour of the product you want to transport, and which machines would be required for your production line. Our test centre The Blue Zone offers you the opportunity to test Carrying out tests on the material allows us to optimise the design accordingly. You can even carry out tests yourself. Specifically for this purpose, we have mobile test machines that can be used at your premises, accompanied by our R&D engineer if required.

Optimising production lines with screw conveyors

Screw conveyors that weigh, screen, compress, buffer, heat and cool your product can automate and speed up your production process. Multiple screw conveyors can be seamlessly matched to each other and to the process.

Turnkey project for optimal plant configuration

Screw conveyors can be used to bridge tight spaces, to cope with high temperatures and even to meet strict hygiene requirements. That is why we like to engage with you at an early stage of the design of your (new) factory, or during the optimisation or redesign of your production line.

Short lead time with ATEX category 1 type approval

Short lead times for an ATEX category 1 machine can be achieved when you develop it together with us. We have obtained an ATEX type approval from the notified body TÜV-Rheinland for the majority of the category 1 machines we manufacture. This saves time and money.

Complete technical documentation always available

You want to be able to rely on up-to-date, clear and complete manuals, regulations, drawings and spare parts lists for your machine. These are available 24/7, even years after you have had one or more screw conveyor systems manufactured by us. This also applies to any FDA and EHEDG guidelines, materials certificates and ATEX certificates of conformity.

Would you like to know more about our turnkey projects? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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