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Dino bulk truck loaders

Van Beek manufactures a specialised machine , called Dino bulk truck loader. Under the brand name Dino, Van Beek is the global market leader in this type of equipment. Bulk truck loaders are used to discharge the contents of Big Bags into silo wagons.

Bulk truck loaders are in great demand in the chemical industry, logistics services, storage and transhipment companies, bulk conveyor companies, recycling businesses, and the cement and the food industry. And that’s hardly surprising. Loading bulk goods safely and efficiently using a loading machine means a sound and sustainable investment that will quickly pay for itself.

What is a bulk truck loader?

A loading machine provides an automated and dust-free method for loading products packed in big bags and/or loose bulk goods into silo trucks, for example. Apart from the intake of big bags and loose bulk goods, it is also possible to tip octabins, (25kg) sack goods into the Dino bulk truck loader, or to use a shovel, bobcat or front loader. Heights of 4 to 6 metres can be bridged. As part of an optimized logistical routing, a bulk truck loader can fill a silo truck in less than 30 minutes.

What types of bulk truck loaders are available?

  • Static and mobile. Mobile bulk truck loaders can be moved easily. This makes it easy to fill bulk loaders at different locations on your site, or move the Dino to a washing area using a forklift truck.
  • Steel and stainless steel versions. Bulk truck loaders with stainless steel conveyor section have excellent resistance to corrosion, corrosive (chemical) substances and other challenging environments, whereas steel versions have greater resistance to wear and tear. The cleaning protocol also influences the choice of material; if it’s important to be able to clean the bulk truck loader thoroughly with water for example, we recommend a stainless steel Dino.
  • Bulk truck loading machines for loading one product and for loading multiple products. When easy-to-clean bulk truck loader components are essential. For this reason, the ‘standard Dino’ is equipped with a hinged top lid, to allow the interior of the inclined screw conveyor to be easily cleaned and/or inspected.
  • Bulk truck loaders with a basic capacity of 40m³ per hour, and a very high capacity of 80m³ per hour.
  • Bulk truck loaders for special products such as cement and cementitious products, such as limestone, soda ash and bentonite.
  • ATEX bulk truck loaders for explosive substances where different ATEX zoning is possible, such as zone 20, 21 or 22 internally, and zone 21 or 22 externally.
  • Bulk carriers are for high hygiene requirements where food safety certificates for plastics and synthetics can be provided (EC1935/2004), and supplemented by materials certificates for the stainless steel contact parts.

Uses for a bulk truck loader

Bulk truck loaders vary in height and can be fitted with options that prevent dust emissions or improve the flow of a product. Almost any type of dry bulk goods can be loaded safely and efficiently. Examples are:

  • Loading rail wagons with, for example, plastic granulate pellets.
  • Loading chemical powders.
  • Loading flour in big bags.
  • Delivering recycled substances.

The benefits of a bulk truck loader

A bulk truck loader puts an end to unsafe working practices and enables you to deliver a large(er) capacity in a shorter time. With our custom-made loading machines, specific requirements such as hygienic or dust-free loading are easily achievable. Moreover, with modular Van Beek Dino bulk truck loaders, you will always be able to respond flexibly to changing circumstances without the need to buy a new machine, as every Dino can be expanded with a variety of options needed at that particular time, even years after purchase.

Would you like more information about the Dino bulk truck loader? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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