Tube conveyors

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Tube conveyors are closed screw conveyor systems that have a long service life. They require little maintenance, and are a relatively cheap solution for transporting (very fine) powders, granules and granulates. Our EasyClean tubular conveyors with a removable screw make cleaning and inspection very easy and fast.

Tubular conveyors in the chemical industry

Sectors that have been using tubular conveyors successfully for years include the (pet) food industry, and companies in the chemical and recycling sector. In these sectors, tube conveyors (dosing screws) are used, for example, for dosed feeding of raw materials for paints or for loading sugar.

Tube conveyors for transport of powders or granulates

A tube conveyor can load powders, granules and granulate up to an angle of 90°. This is ideal in working situations where you want to bridge a height in a limited space using closed screw conveyor systems.

Gas-tight tubular screw conveyors

Transporting dangerous substances, strongly scented substances or very fine products is easy with a closed tubular screw conveyor. The gas-tight and optionally pressure-resistant Van Beek tube conveyors, prevent nuisance and inconvenience in the workplace and contribute to a safe environment.

EasyClean tube conveyors with removable screw

Regular cleaning or screw inspections require an easy to operate system. Van Beek supplies tube conveyors that have been specially designed to accommodate this need. For example, a rail is fitted to allow the screw to be easily removed from its housing. Removing the screw takes very little time, and the reinstallation is also carried out quickly, allowing you to maintain control of this part of the production process.

Forms part of the entire internal transport

Van Beek tube conveyors often form part of the entire internal transport of raw materials. For example, they are used for tipping raw materials from silos into mixers. Or for lifting and transporting cocoa powder for the production of chocolate. Read more about this in our case studies.

Customised conveying systems

The numerous variations in design means that our tube conveyors are ideally suited to many conditions, requirements and needs. Some examples are:

  • ATEX version
  • various capacities
  • different discharge heights and lengths
  • variable distance between the screw blades (large – small pitch) for optimal adaptation to both the product and discharge height
  • gas-tight or pressure-proof

All our systems are manufactured in accordance with the latest guidelines and documentation legislation.

Would you like to know more about tubular conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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