Van Beek, the standard in customised screw conveyors

Total solutions, high quality and first class service

Founded in 1950, Van Beek specialises in sales, development, manufacturing, installation and
maintenance of screw conveyor systems, bulk truck loaders and screw heat exchangers, for the internal
transport of solid, paste-like and/or sticky substances.

Van Beek worldwide supplier of screw conveyor systems

Over 80% of screw conveyor systems manufactured here are in operation outside the Netherlands. This is only one of the many reason why Van Beek is trusted as a proven supplier of screw conveyors for the global chemical, pharmaceutical, recycling and - animal - food industries.

Sharing knowledge to make the right choices

Sharing knowledge is very important to us; we enjoy being the leader in our field, and are committed to living up to your expectations. Not only with our products, but also through our approach. We innovate technologically, organisationally and in the field of automation.

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