Many production companies dry directly with air, which is a very energy-consuming method. By using the Celsius indirect drying process, you can save both energy and costs.

When to use indirect drying?

Indirect drying is especially suitable for after-drying different powders, granules and granulates, and when a longer retention time is needed to achieve complete drying. Whether indirect drying is appropriate for your production process depends on the moisture percentage present in the product, the product flow and the quantity of solids.

How does indirect drying work?

The screws and the wall of our screw heat exchanger are filled with water or thermal oil heated to a set temperature. The product is dried by moving along the screws and the wall of the screw heat exchanger. We have also developed a special machine for drying eggshells, the egg shell dryer. This screw heat exchanger is specially designed to dry broken egg shells in one continuous process, resulting in a germ-free, fine-grained and high-quality lime end product with a moisture content of no greater than 1%.

Safety is important to us

Safe circuits are crucial when fluids flow at high temperatures. It goes without saying that safety is our primary focus and we guarantee the safety of our machines.

Would you like to know more about drying products with a Celsius screw conveyor? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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