Van Beek offers several options for cooling hot or warm products for further processing.

Indirect cooling

The Celsius screw heat exchanger can be used for gradual and continuous cooling. The solid product is then cooled indirectly using water or a water/glycol mixture (antifreeze). Temperatures of up to -50 degrees Celsius can be achieved.

Direct cooling

Direct cooling with liquid nitrogen is an effective method for the rapid cooling of solid products. Compared with indirect cooling, direct cooling can achieve even lower temperatures of up to -175 degrees Celsius. Would you like to know more about direct cooling with liquid nitrogen? Then take a look at the page about our nitrogen cooler.

Which method would be suitable?

Dosing conveyors with direct or indirect cooling? That depends on:

  • The required end temperature
  • The required rate of back cooling
  • The availability of a water supply and other requirements

Together with you, we will assess your situation and requirements in order to come to a satisfactory solution.

Would you like to know more about cooling products with a Celsius screw heat exchanger? Contact us.

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