Our core values

We don’t just call ourselves specialists, we act like specialists! That means focusing on screw conveyor technology as an innovative solution to improve our customers’ production processes. From conveying to boosting and processing bulk goods.

Van Beek: the standard in custom-made screw conveyors

A high level of finish, an above average lifespan, optimal quality of materials and excellent service are the hallmarks of our working method and our screw conveyor systems. Apart from necessary maintenance, our wish is that you will have no concerns using our screw conveyor systems. That our customers benefit from in-house screw conveyor technology that simply works, year after year.

Leading the way, together with our customers

We are committed to long-term solutions and long-term relationships. This means that we make a promise about the solutions we offer and the quality of service we deliver. To achieve this, we work according to these core values:


What we make is unique to each client. We use our extensive expertise to help you make the right choices. Customisation is not just about our machines, but also about the way we help our customers in the broadest sense of the word. To us, every customer is unique!


We are open and honest with customers and with each other about what we can and cannot achieve, and we know what to expect from one another. Our processes are also transparent: everyone in our company has access to our ERP system so that we can serve our customers efficiently and effectively. Even our office building is transparent, through using a lot of glass!


Our focus is on innovative screw conveyor technology. This means that we work with the latest technology, in compliance with the latest laws and regulations, and are always customer-specific. We have developed our own product lines, such as the Dino bulk truck loaders and the Celsius screw heat exchangers. However, extensive digitalisation in our production facility and office automation are also important to us. Digitalisation contributes to shorter lead times and clear communication with our customers.


The sense of responsibility that every Van Beek employee carries, is expressed in the quality and high level of finish of our machines, and definitely in the service we offer. Together, we are responsible for achieving the best results, for deploying and strengthening our skills, and for delivering the best quality. In short, we finish what we start!


All our 50 employees perform a wide range of tasks, and this diversity means that, together, we find solutions quickly. We think in terms of solutions for our customers; we are creative, to-the-point, clear and pragmatic, and, by being so, we also venture off the beaten track.


Some describe this as a family feeling. The fact is that once someone joins Van Beek, they are never in a hurry to leave. When you enjoy your work, you don’t just give up, you go that extra mile to achieve what is needed. We create the conditions to work together with enjoyment and respect. Furthermore, we always put our customers first! We work in unision, with tolerance, understanding and mutual respect. With pride in our product, our company and our people.

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