Celsius screw heat exchangers can be used for indirect heating of solid products for further processing.

Direct or indirect heating?

Is hot water, which can be easily supplied and re-circulated, available? Is rapid or gradual heating required? Is uniform or superficial heating necessary? Is dust formation acceptable? Is there a height to be bridged? These and other factors influence the choice of direct or indirect heating. Screw heat exchangers are only suitable for indirect heating.

Indirect heating to high temperatures

Temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius are possible with indirect heating using water, and temperatures of up to 290 degrees Celsius are achievable when using thermal oil.

Safety is always paramount

Safe circuits are crucial when fluids flow at high temperatures. It goes without saying that safety is our primary focus and we guarantee the safety of our machines.

What capacity is required?

Depending on the process variables, the Celsius screw heat exchanger can transport and heat 0.1 to 10 tons of product per hour.

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