Vertical conveyors

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The vertical elevation of bulk goods is possible in more scenarios than is often thought. These machines are extremely suitable for bridging considerable heights in, for example, the recycling, chemical and meat processing industries. This is because very little floor space is required to obtain a high delivery height.

Vertical transport in recycling, chemistry and food

Van Beek has been designing and manufacturing vertical screw conveyors for years. For example, where PET bottles or plastic parts need to be transported to a higher-level buffer or be conveyed to another follow-up process, a vertical screw conveyor can offer a solution. The same applies to shredder waste, for example. A screw conveyor can therefore prove to be a much more compact alternative to a belt conveyor. Another advantage compared to elevators is that with a vertical screw conveyor, there is no return.

Vertical elevation of problematic products

Vertical transport requires different  features in a screw conveyor and the product feed, compared with horizontal or inclined conveying. Van Beek has decades of experience with this challenging application. We have developed many customised  screw conveyor systems, and are therefore able offer solutions to many challenges. You can read more about this in our case histories.

Customised vertical transport

Our systems are customer-specific, which means that the most suitable materials, the appropriate dimensions and customised diameters, are all tailored to your requirements.

Would you like to know more about vertical screw conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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