Container filler (20ft)

Container fillers are a fast and efficient alternative to blowing systems and bulk trucks. You can fill 20ft containers with dry bulk goods within half an hour. And because the filler both transports and compresses, you can fill the product right up to the upper limit.

Containers for bulk transport

Containers are ideal for bulk transport. More product can be loaded into these than into bulk trucks. They are also easy to transport by rail, truck or ship. Do you fill 2 or more 20ft containers per day? Then a container filler is an advantageous option.

What is a container filler?

A container filler is a screw conveyor that can be used to fill 20ft containers with granulates (plastic granules), powders (such as flour) and flakes. The screw is mounted on a lifting platform. This makes it easy to adjust the installation to different truck chassis heights.

The optimal way to fill your containers

The container filler screw also comes in a swivelling version, to optimally fill your containers with your product. Operating the filler screw is very simple. The operator uses a joystick to control the screw. The screw can be operated to make controlled movements to the left or to the right, thus filling the container optimally. The swivelling distance is monitored, so the screw always maintains a safe distance from the walls of the container.

Filling without spillage

The transfer area of the product is closed. This means little or no spillage, even when the truck moves away.

Can be used wherever you want

We supply the container filler with lifting platform as standard. This mobile platform makes it possible to move the screw to other locations. Another advantage is that your forklift trucks remain available for other work.

How does the liner filler work for containers?

A truck with a 20 ft container reverses against the platform. The operator on the platform activates the filling screw. In conjunction with the driver, he ensures that the truck is filled to capacity. The truck makes a controlled exit from the installation. The result is that the container is filled to 85% capacity within half an hour.

Would you like to know more about the van Beek container filler? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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