Shaftless conveyors

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With the Van Beek shaftless screw conveyors you can transport sticky, wet, coarse or irregular products without the risk of blockage or sticking.

For bulk products with high moisture content

Sticky solid bulk materials such as magnesium as a waste product, tend to stick to the central inner tube of a screw conveyor. Shaftless screw conveyors do not have this problem because there is no inner tube, also called a shaft, as only the spiral is used to transport the bulk product. This makes the shaftless screw conveyor the perfect solution for elevating and transporting ‘difficult’ products.

Bridging large distances

Compared to a shaft screw conveyor, shaftless spiral conveyors are ideal for bridging distances of 10 metres or greater without an intermediate support.

Feed angle of up to 90°

The screw is supported over its entire length by a wear-resistant plastic lining. The shaftless conveyor also performs well in a limited space, even with a considerable difference in height: a feed angle of up to 90° is possible.

Ideal for waste flows

The absence of a shaft in shaftless conveyors eliminates product build-up around the shaft, problems with intermediate bearings and contamination of end bearings and seals. For this reason, shaftless conveyors are often used for waste processing. Sludge, domestic waste, catering waste or screen particles can all be transported problem-free with a shaftless conveyor. Even large lumps of material can be transported easily.

Customised shaftless transport

Which combination of finishes, diameters and components are required to design the perfect shaftless conveyor to suit your specific needs? We can offer you expert advice based on our decades of experience. If your installation requires a more complex design, for example with the addition of a bunker, then we would be happy to design this for you. Are you not sure about your product’s flow properties, for example? We are able to test and analyse these properties for you at our test centre The Blue Zone.

Component or turnkey?

From engineering to installation on site: we can take care of it all. Whether your requirements are for single or multiple shaftless screw conveyors, or multiple types of screw conveyor systems such as dosing conveyors, agitators or crushers. All our solutions contribute to the efficient, safe and maintenance-friendly internal transport of bulk materials.

Would you like to know more about shaftless conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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