For some of our customers, heating or maintaining the temperature of their products was not enough. Their demands gave rise to the Celsimix: a development of the Celsius screw heat exchanger, but with a mixing section that can be configured using different types of screws. In a conditioned environment, the Celsimix combines various substances – solid and liquid – in a continuous process. The mixing method can be adapted to the conditions and the required mixing ratio. During the mixing process, heat is introduced to create the ideal mixing conditions.

For versatile and demanding mixtures

If you work in the food or chemical industry, you probably know that some materials are difficult to mix. Ingredients such as muesli, chocolate, toffee, nuts, lime and polyolefin. What you want to achieve is a homogeneous  mass, but not all mixers are up to the job.

How does the Celsimix work?

Where standard batch mixers are not adequate, Celsimix offers the solution. This special screw heat exchanger is equipped with two screws, a heating function, and mixes substances at a preset temperature.

The Celsimix for an increasing number of applications

The Celsimix is suitable for homogeneous mixing of many different solid and liquid substances that do not mix well. An example would be mixing caramel and almonds into a smooth homogenous mass that forms the basis for brittle candy. In one continuous process, the Celsimix boils the pre-heated glucose syrup into caramel, adds almonds and mixes both into a homogeneous mass. A very different example is the mixing of limestone flour and polyolefin as for the backing material for carpet tiles. A solution that allowed carpet tile manufacturer Desso from Waalwijk to take a huge step forward in their cradle-to-cradle philosophy.

Is Celsimix suitable for your application?

Not everything is possible, but give us an idea of your challenges and we will be happy to get back to you.

Want to know more about the Celsimix? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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