Van Beek can supply you with classic screw conveyors, thermal screw conveyors and bulk truck loaders. There are 3 product lines, each with its own name and characteristics: Van Beek Classics, Celsius and Dino. What they have in common is that they are all customer-specific. Exactly what our customers expect from Van Beek!

Celsius – thermal screw conveyors

Celsius is our range of thermal screw conveyors which we have developed in-house based on our customers’ requirements. Celsius meets the demand for an efficient and reliable method of cooling, heating or maintaining the temperature of products during transport in a continuous process.

Dino – bulk truck loaders

Dino is our range of bulk truck loaders. The main considerations during the development of Dino bulk truck loaders for dry bulk products were user safety and a long lifespan. This resulted in modular loading systems that are easy to adapt to new applications and requirements, even after purchase. This makes them a sustainable and value-preserving company asset when handling powders, granules, flakes, lumps or other dry bulk products on a daily basis.

Van Beek Classics – classic screw conveyors

The Van Beek range of classic screw conveyors: closed transport systems and all the applications that go with it to ensure that the feed, discharge and transport of your dry bulk solids function exactly as you need it to. Our knowledge of screw conveyor technology is continuously evolving, and has been further refined in such products as the Dino bulk truck loader and the Celsius thermal screws.

Or how about a combination?

Our knowledge and experience and our customers’ requirements may result not only in standalone products, but also in integrated projects where dozens of screw conveyor systems can be integrated with each other and the process. Our expertise and guarantee is incorporated in our technology.

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