Trough conveyors

Widely used in the branches:

Van Beek’s open and closed trough screw conveyors are easy to clean via the hinged or bolted trough covers.

Fast and efficient cleaning of screw conveyors

Efficient, hygienic and quick cleaning and Cleaning In Place (CIP): everything’s possible with our trough screw conveyors. That’s because they can be fitted with bolt-on lids, hinged lids and quick-release fasteners. Safety switches on the trough lids ensure that your employees can inspect and/or clean the trough screw conveyors free from any risk. Optionally, the cleaning fluid (CIP lines) drain can be fitted with a hygienic shut-off valve, thereby removing the possibility of ‘dead product zones’.

Trough screw for transport of (animal) foodstuffs and chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic products

The (animal) foodstuffs industry makes extensive use of closed trough screw conveyors. Granulates, powders and granules can be transported hygienically and dust-free using closed trough screw conveyors. For example, when transporting foodstuffs horizontally to a mixer. Trough screw conveyors are also often used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Due to the closed system, taste, temperature level and moisture are retained. Another advantage of a closed system is that not only is there no product loss from the inside to the outside, but also no foreign products can enter from outside.

Wholly compliant with EHEDG and HDN guidelines

Safety and quality are extremely important in the food industry. We develop and supply Hypreme trough screw conveyors that comply with the EHEDG- and HDN guidelines. This means that our systems meet all the requirements for hygienic design such as, for example, EC1935/2004, FDA and GMP+.

Customised screw conveyor

Screw conveyors form part of an integrated production process. In order to obtain an accurate overview of your current situation, we can visit your premises for asessment and measurement purposes. Using 3D, we can integrate your new system into the existing installation. All our systems are customer-specific. This means that one or more screw conveyors can almost always be installed and tailored to your specific requirements. For example, wet blasting or grinding the product-affecting areas of the trough screw conveyor, thereby making them optimally cleanable. Put your question to us and we’ll be happy to engage with you to find a solution.

The advantages of trough screw conveyors

  • Widely deployable
  • Excellent cleaning and inspection design
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for dust-free production
  • Available in various lengths, capacities and materials

Would you like to know more about trough screw conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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