Products or materials that crumble, have settled or bridged just as you need to discharge them from a buffer. Many companies in the recycling, chemical and (pet) food industries will recognise this situation.

What is buffering?

Buffering is the temporary storage of large or small quantities of product. Usually, this takes place in a buffer, bunker, hopper, silo or other storage container. Not all products are easy to further process. Powders, for example, can stick together and cause bridging.

Customised buffers

It is therefore advisable to call in a specialist for the development and manufacture of buffers that prevent this from occurring. Naturally, these buffers are custom-made, taking into account the properties of the product. At our test facility The Blue Zone, we identify problems with the conveying of your bulk products and can establish the best application for your requirements even before the project begins.

Counteracting problems with buffering

Van Beek has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of buffering, and designs buffers that will ensure trouble-free discharge and further processing. Here, our specialists have the major advantage of having decades of experience in the area of screw conveyor technology for the recycling, chemical and (animal) food processing industries, for example.

Would you like to know more about our buffer stations? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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