Choosing from a range of bulk transport techniques,  solids can be transported from A to B for further processing or production.

A variety of machines

There are various mechanical and pneumatic systems for transporting solids. You probably know them: belt conveyors, disc conveyors, vibrating conveyors, elevators, aero-mechanical conveyors, spiral conveyors, vacuum conveyors and overpressure conveyors. Which of these or other solutions is most suitable depends on the product, the space available, and the environment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every method of transport has its advantages and disadvantages. Systems based on air flows, for example, are effective and efficient, but are usually only suitable for the internal transport of easy-to-move powders and, perhaps, granulates. Conveyor belts are a relatively cheap solution, but they do carry the risk of misalignment, spillage (outlet side), malfunctions and costly repairs.

Belt conveyors Cup conveyors Pneumatic conveyors Screw conveyors
Noiseless Noiseless Noise nuisance Noiseless
Up to 20° All angles All angles All angles
Energy efficient Energy efficient Energy inefficient Energy efficient
Hard to clean Hard to clean Easy to clean Easy to clean
Unhygienic Unhygienic Hygienic Hygienic
Frequent maintenance Frequent maintenance Low maintenance Low maintenance

Van Beek screw conveyors

The range of Van Beek screw conveyors can transport almost all types of solids internally, up to an angle of 90 degrees. Transporting materials over longer distances is also possible, with our turnkey projects which demonstrate how screw conveyors can be fully matched to each other and to the process.

Transporting materials hygienically

Hygienic screw conveyors, with or without CIP (cleaning in place), will prevent microbial growth. Van Beek screw conveyors are frequently used in the food, pharma and chemical sectors, for transporting, for example, (baby) milk powder and starch powder, dosing sugar, transporting meat, chocolate powder and adding salts. Take a look at our Hypreme products with their special focus on hygiene.

Transporting materials without loss of product into the environment

With our tube conveyors, trough screw conveyors and shaftless conveyors, you can transport bulk goods without emitting product into the machine’s surroundings. This is important, for example, with explosion-sensitive, toxic or valuable products such as flour, milk powder, gold dust, cobalt powder or crop protection products. The Van Beek closed screw conveyors have been specially designed with this in mind.

Cooling, drying and heating during transport

Thermal transport with our Celsius screw heat exchangers that are tailored to your specific requirements: Van Beek can make it happen. During transport, you can cool, heat, maintain temperature or dry materials such as fibreglass, sand and bitumen and products such as cocoa powder, egg shells or raw materials for muesli bars.

Would you like to know more about the transport of bulk goods? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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