Because CIP (cleaning in place) or other cleaning techniques can be time-consuming, Van Beek has developed the SpeedClean concept. This patented, innovative cleaning method for screws, enables you to clean better, ergonomically and at higher speed, thus saving costs and avoiding possible dirt build-up and cross-contamination.

Speed cleaning screw conveyors and screw heat exchangers

SpeedClean is the quick way to clean screw conveyors / screw heat exchangers, as in cleaning mode both the trough and the screw are individually accessible as well as the bearings and seals for cleaning and inspection.

SpeedClean: How does it work?

In one vertical and rotating movement, the screw of the SpeedClean lifts itself into a cleaning position. This is done in a user-friendly and ergonomic way. After cleaning and inspection, the screw rotates back to its original position.

Would you like to test the SpeedClean? Please contact us for an appointment in our test centre The Blue Zone!

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