Omega conveyors

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Omega screws allow you to quickly switch from one product to another without the risk of contamination. This is because this system, deployed as a screw elevator, has flip-top covers, which make it easy to clean and inspect. These Omega inclined screw conveyors are commonly used to elevate product to higher discharge points.

What is an Omega inclined screw conveyor?

An omega elevating system consists of a conveyor screw that rotates in a specially profiled trough. The system is fitted with:

  • an inlet
  • a safety grid
  • mobile or static chassis
  • detachable, hinged lids with quick release fasteners and safety switch.

Omega inclined screw conveyor: trough screw and tube screw in one

Omega inclined screw conveyors combine all the features of trough screw conveyors and tube conveyors. Multiple lids enable cleaning and inspection of both screw and trough. Elevation from low to high is possible thanks to the (inverted) “omega” profile of the trough screw conveyor.

Conveying raw materials for food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Among other applications, Omega inclined screw conveyors are used in extrusion lines, for filling mixers or feeding packaging machine hoppers. Or for elevating explosion-sensitive products (ATEX) such as starch, flour and other powders to higher-level production machines. Read the case studies for the experiences of companies using our Omega inclined screw conveyors.

Omega inclined screw conveyors

Omega inclined screw conveyors are able to elevate product up to a 90° angle (vertically). This is ideal when you need to bridge a height in a confined space using quick-to-clean inclined screw conveyors.

Screw elevator, Dino or Omega inclined screw conveyor?

Do you need a lower elevating capacity and fast product changeover? Is your installation required to meet the strictest standards for food safety, hygiene or ATEX? Ask us for more information about our omega inclined screw conveyors.

Customisation where needed

Which elevating method best suits your needs? Van Beek has more than half a century’s experience in the installation of screw conveyors. We are a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and are part of the Hygienic Design Network (HDN). With our combined knowledge and experience, we will always find a solution that best suits your process.

Would you like to know more about our innovative cleaning technology? Read more about managing hygiene at Hypreme, take a look at SpeedClean and EasyClean or contact us.

Want to know more about inclined screw conveyors? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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