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The past decades have clearly demonstrated that the Dino loader is a reliable mobile loader for a wide variety of foods, plastics, building materials related products and chemical products. They are widely used the world over, from America to South Korea and from Norway to South Africa.

A Dino for every type of product

Loading dusty or explosive powder such as starch, naturally requires different technical specifications than, for example, loading cement or salt. The team behind the Dino has gained extensive knowledge and expertise over the past decades to customise the Dino perfectly to your situation.

A Dino for every loading situation

The standard version shown below offers an immediate solution in many situations. However, thanks to decades of experience, we know that a specific challenge often requires a customised Dino. In consultation with our sales engineer, you can configure your own Dino, to be perfectly equipped for your specific loading operation. Using options and expansions we can adapt your Dino to your specific loading requirements.

What are the technical specifications of a standard Dino?

  • The conveyor section is produced in steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel. The Dino is hydraulically foldable, and delivered ready to plug in.
  • The flexible outlet provides the connection from the Dino to the silo wagon, and is equipped with a level switch. Once a compartment in the silo wagon is full, the bulk truck loader switches off automatically. There is the option of manual or electric loading bellows.
  • The operator can dock the loading bellows and coordinate loading by using the steps, which have galvanised safety treads. This also provides a clear view of the top of the bulk truck loader. The steps are mounted to the frame, which has a hinged cover for wet (pressure washer) and dry (hand-held air gun) cleaning.
  • The housing is fitted with a hinged cleaning/inspection cover along its entire length. This makes it possible to clean and check the screw. The lid is closed with a ‘quick release’ system, and protected by safety switches.
  • The clear layout of the switch box contains at least 5 buttons: ‘on-off’ (the isolation switch), ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘start and stop screw’ and ‘reset’. There are a further 6 lights to indicate which operation is in progress or which malfunction has occurred: yellow = malfunction/compartment full, red = inspection hatch open/grid open/wrong direction of rotation/emergency stop operated. The switch box is equipped with the S7-200 Siemens PLC, and is delivered completely turn-key. Naturally, if more options are required for the Dino, then the switch box can be fitted with additional control buttons.
  • The inlet hopper is suitable for bags and big bags, and is easily accessible via the access platform next to the Dino. There is a high wall version available, suitable for powders, and a wide wall version for granular products. The hopper has a tipping area of 1.5 or 2.4 m2 and is equipped with a cleaning hatch that folds out at the bottom to enable cleaning and inspection below the safety grid, without the need to remove the extension rim or to open the safety grid.
  • The inlet hopper of the stainless steel Dino is equipped with a stainless steel foldable grid for better cleaning and to prevent the operator from touching the screw. The steel Dino has a steel safety grid.
  • The galvanised work platform, which is mounted on both sides of the inlet hopper, has a safety surface so that it can be walked on without any risk to the operator, even in wet conditions.
  • The sturdy and solid chassis is equipped as standard with 2 swivel castors, 2 fixed-wheel castors and 2 outriggers, making the Dino easy to move and stabilise.
  • The compressor is basically required for air sealing the underside and for operating the cleaning spray gun. However, the capacity of the compressor tank is such that options such as fluidising pads, pneumatic hammers and a dust filtration unit can also be connected without difficulty. This ensures you are prepared for the future.
  • By using hydraulics, the Dino can be easily folded and effortlessly prepared for operation again.
  • The high-quality and powerful SEW motor (22 kW) is coupled to the screw via a toothed belt which drives it so that products are transported from bottom to top at a speed of approximately 300 rpm. Optional 30 or 37 kW motors are also available. For deliveries to non-European countries, we can provide different voltages and Hz.
  • The cleaning nozzle at the bottom of the inlet hopper allows the residual material or cleaning agent to drain off easily. This makes it easy to carry out any wet or dry cleaning tasks.
  • The inspection hatch in the inlet hopper is fitted with a safety switch.
  • The screw is equipped as standard with increasing pitch, and is fully welded on both sides over the entire length of the screw.
  • The air seal underneath the screw protects the bearing and prevents product from being expelled through this barrier.

Would you like to know more about the technical options the Dino bulk truck loader has to offer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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