Test Centre The Blue Zone

In our test facility, we identify problems with transporting bulk products and determine the best application for your situation, even before a project begins.

Centre of excellence for screw conveyors

The Blue Zone is an area of our facility marked in blue, where we test, analyse and monitor products. For innovation and further professionalisation, this is also the place where our products are handed over to our customers. Large mobile screens and partitions make the area even more recognisable. These screens also form the backdrop for unified presentations of new products.

Testing the behaviour of products

The Blue Zone has 3 areas: The Test Room, The Brain Room and The Take-off. In the enclosed ‘Test Room’, we test the flow behaviour, glutinosity or transportability of different products. This enables us to investigate what effect screw conveyors have on a certain product. These tests can take from 5 minutes up to an entire day. Together with you, we look for a solution to achieve the best end result. The test machines may also be rented so that you can test the production process yourself.

Read-outs and analysing test results

In The Brain Room, you are able to obtain read-outs, and to analyse and discuss all the test results immediately. Each test is filmed and analysed. In addition, we record all test samples in a database in order to predict the behaviour of the product in combination with a machine. Using this information, we can anticipate in advance which type of screw conveyor you will need for your product. This means that we don’t need to find this out by trial and error during the project. Also, we increase our knowledge and can ensure the best possible application for you.

Acceptance of the machine

The official handover and FAT of a machine takes place in the spacious and tranquil surroundings of the Blue Zone’s Take-off Room. This allows us to conclude a project with you in an appropriate way.

Improving your production process

Screw conveyors are reliable as they are closed systems, with less risk of explosion than, for example, air transport or conveyor belts. Tests with fragile or sensitive products such as nuts and coffee, will demonstrate whether a screw conveyor is the best alternative for your production process.

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