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The Dino models form the basis of our unique product range in bulk truck loaders. With additional modules such as dust extraction, crushers and other accessories, we can tailor these basic types to your specific product and loading requirements. There is a suitable loading machine to meet your needs.

What is a bulk truck loader?

A bulk truck loader is a loading machine that allows automatic, dust-free packaging of products in 25kg bags, big bags and even loose bulk goods into silo trucks, rail wagons and even cargo ships.

Loading dry bulk goods in big bags

Do you want to load bulk goods packed in big bags? Or loose bulk goods that are loaded with a shovel? The Dino bulk truck loader can handle both, at a basic capacity of 45m³ per hour and a maximum capacity of 90m³ per hour. This means that, on average, you can fill a silo truck or container in 45 to 60 minutes. Even if these are products that have poor flow properties. Because the mobile bulk truck loader is easy to move, loading in different locations is no problem.

Loading more in a shorter time

Greater loading capacity is within easy reach with a Dino bulk truck loader. As a loader or logistics service provider, you will attract (new) loading requests from customers. Will the investment pay for itself? From over 30 years’ experience, we can confirm that it definitely does! Soon after purchasing a loader, many of our customers wonder how they ever managed without one for so long. The most important benefits they talk about are the time savings and improved safety for their employees.

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning or maintaining a machine can be time-consuming, and you also run the risk of not meeting hygiene requirements. Certain machine parts and products increase this risk. Intermediate bearings, for example, are maintenance-sensitive and product can become trapped behind them. Dino bulk truck loaders are designed in such a way that these problems do not occur during normal operation, regardless of the type of product. For example, by air flushing the shaft seal so that the product on the conveyor doesn’t become contaminated with grease or similar substances. Our Dino bulk truck loaders are also guaranteed to rotate freely without the use of intermediate bearings. Dino bulk truck loaders can be fitted with sensors (Smart Technology), so that minimum maintenance – only when really necessary – is possible, with unnecessary maintenance costs becoming a thing of the past.

Working safely

If you want to minimise industrial accidents when loading bulk goods, certified Dino bulk truck loaders are a safe alternative. Here, too, the machines are constructed in such a way that risks to your employees are reduced to a minimum. These can be, for example, components such as safety switches on inspection hatches and grids. Dust extraction means that you not only work safely, but also more efficiently. After all, you lose less product and spend less time cleaning your equipment and the surrounding area. Dino truck loaders are fully compliant with CE standards, H&S legislation, ARAB and TÜV standards and, where required, with ATEX.

 Dino bulk truck loaders: how it all started

Dino bulk truck loaders are the result of recurring requests, needs and requirements from customers, particularly those in the logistics sector. The main considerations were the properties of the dry bulk product, the safety of the user, and a long service life. This resulted in modular loading systems that are easy to adapt to new applications and requirements, even after purchase. This makes them a sustainable and value-preserving company asset when handling powders, granules, flakes, lumps or other dry bulk products on a daily basis.

Van Beek Dino bulk truck loaders: a smart choice

  • simple to operate and easy to expand
  • safe loading solution for 25kg bags, to big bags and loose bulk goods
  • built with a specialized knowledge of screw conveyors
  • you can count on our knowledge of your business working processes and our years of experience
  • suitable for multiple voltages
  • the motors can be adapted to the country of installation
  • reduced dust generation

What types of bulk truck loaders are available?

  • Static and mobile. Mobile loading machines can be moved easily to different halls in the warehouses.
  • Steel and stainless steel versions where bulk truck loaders with a stainless steel conveyor section have excellent resistance to corrosion, corrosive (chemical) substances and other challenging environments.
  • Bulk truck loading machines for loading one product and for loading multiple products. When easy-to-clean bulk truck loader components are essential.
  • Bulk truck loaders with a basic capacity of 45m³ per hour and a very high capacity of 90m³ per hour with variable options available within this range.
  • Bulk truck loading machines for special products such as cement and cementitious materials including limestone, soda ash and bentonite.
  • ATEX bulk truck loaders for explosive substances or environments.
  • Bulk loaders specifically for high hygiene requirements.

When to use a bulk truck loader?

Bulk truck loaders vary in height and can be fitted with options that prevent dust emissions or improve the flow of a product. Almost any type of dry bulk goods can be loaded safely and efficiently. Examples are:

  • loading rail wagons with, for example, pellets of plastic granule
  • loading chemical powders
  • loading flour in big bags
  • supplying recycled substances

The benefits of a bulk truck loader

A bulk truck loader puts an end to unsafe working practices, and enables you to load a large(er) amount in less time. With custom-made loading machines, specific requirements such as hygienic or dust-free loading are easily achievable. Moreover, with modular systems such as the Van Beek Dino bulk truck loaders, you are able to always respond flexibly to changing circumstances without the need to buy a new machine. Do you no longer use your Dino bulk truck loader? Van Beek has the solution: we offer a buy-back guarantee on our bulk truck loaders. You can read more about this in our Van Beek Refurbished flyer.

Want to know more about the Dino bulk truck loader? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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