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Screw conveyors

Van Beek specialises in the sale, design, production, installation and service of stainless steel and steel screw conveyor systems for (thermal) conveying and elevating bulk goods such as powders, granules, granulates and flakes. Each system is custom made. The technical documentation, the appropriate maintenance instructions and all data regarding spare parts are always available at your fingertips, even if the screw conveyor system was commissioned quite some time previously.

Why a screw conveyor?

A screw conveyor system is ideally suited to a dust and noise-free movement of bulk goods such as powders and granules. Horizontally or up to an angle of 90°. Even granulates, flakes and pastes can be transported quickly, safely and hygienically from A to B by a screw conveyor, as it can be supplied as a closed system with one or more inlets and outlets.

Screw conveyors for all kinds of materials

Van Beek’s screw conveyors are suitable for transporting almost any type of bulk goods. These may include powders, granulates, granules, flakes and pastes such as:

  • Explosive substances such as flour, milk powder, sugar and meal
  • Strongly scented substances such as spice mixes
  • Sludge, household waste, bulk goods, catering waste and screen particles
  • Sticky and fibrous substances
  • Irregular materials with varying structures, such as post consumer and post industrial waste streams
  • Difficult to transport vegetables, such as spinach and sauerkraut
  • Products with high acidity levels, such as citric acid powder
  • Abrasive and corrosive products, such as minerals and glass fibre

Screw conveyors for every application

We can design a screw conveyor suitable for almost every conceivable application or requirement:

  • Dust-free conveying
  • Regular ergonomic cleaning (CIP) and inspection of the screw conveyor
  • Low-noise conveying
  • All conceivable elevation angles are possible, including vertical
  • Gas-tight conveying
  • Shaftless conveying
  • Hygienic conveying
  • Product streams at very high or very low temperatures

Do you need an ATEX screw conveyor system for use in an explosion-sensitive environment? Or, do you need to transport your food products as hygienically as possible? We can design a suitable solution for every application and requirement.

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