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Substantial expansion of test centre

The test centre has been considerably expanded in the past three months, both as regards equipment and technology and as regards know-how and staff. As a result Van Beek can now respond to even more complex problems such as for example questions relating to changing material properties upon heating and/or cooling, thermographic testing and pyrolysis.

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Screw conveyor solution for vertical magnesium transport

For some years now SMA Mineral Magnesia AS from Porsgrunn (Norway) has been struggling with a transport problem for lifting their waste product hydrated magnesium. They wanted to be able to recycle their waste product, but not a single screw conveyor builder in Scandinavia could offer a system which could lift the magnesium vertically to the incinerator. Then by chance this problem was mentioned to Van Beek and they offered a solution in the form of a shaftless screw conveyor system.

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Een volledig ingericht Testcentrum

Geen investering en toch een volledig ingericht Testcentrum tot uw beschikking!

Van Beek heeft als enige leverancier van schroeftransport haar testcentrum open gesteld voor al haar klanten. U kan gebruik maken van de uitgebreide faciliteiten en kan testen met diverse testmachines.

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