Third Dino for logistics service provider, Wessem

Logistics service provider Wessem Port Services Group in Stein, have bought their third Dino mobile bulk truck loader from Van Beek. There is a good reason for this, says Wessem’s commercial director; Peter van Gemert. “We are very pleased with it, because of its flexibility, ease of cleaning, the relatively low investment and its value retention.”

Wessem was founded in 1968, and its operational activities include transport, storage and trans-shipment and processing of dry bulk goods, such as powders and granules. The company serves the chemical industry, road/construction, recycling companies and the traditional manufacturing industry.

More flexibility
Wessem started searching for a new loading method because their clients began asking for greater flexibility in the storage and processing of dry bulk goods. “For example, they asked whether we could load the goods from big bags into silo trucks or vice versa”, says Van Gemert. “This is something we must be able to respond to satisfactorily, which we can now do with the Dino.”

Loading was previously done using only self-built systems. “But, they were not mobile, harder to clean and needed a lot of maintenance. Because we anticipated a strong growth in our clients’ needs, we decided to look for a specialist in this field”.

Dino meets all requirements
At the time, Wessem Port Services had compiled a comprehensive list of requirements, which still applies. “The system had to be mobile, because we have a variety of bulk goods over several warehouses in our dock areas. This also meant that we needed a system that was easy to clean, so that it could be quickly deployed for a different product, without the risk of contamination between products. Furthermore, the loading speed had to be at least the same or greater than 50 m3/h, which is what most fixed systems can achieve. The Dino was the only system that met all these requirements”.

An important additional benefit of the Dino for Van Gemert is that peripherals can be added, such as dust extraction, shoot, grid, stairs or a break screw. “This allows it to be used for a range of activities”.

1, 2, 3
Wessem bought their first Dino in 2011. The second followed more than a year later and now, after a few years, the company has gone on to purchase its third Dino. The company is using the third Dino specifically for fertilizer, the other two load a variety of mineral products. “The ease with which these machines can be cleaned is a huge advantage to us. We can quickly expose the screw and clean it with air or water”.

Every one of the Dinos now loads multiple cargos daily. “A Dino is a very good investment for us when you see what it can do”, continues Van Gemert. “To keep pace with the developments regarding our company growth, we expect to further increase the number of Dinos at our site”.

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