Dino bulk truck loader conquers Czech Republic via new agent Hennlich Engineering

More and more production plants associated with the West are being built in Eastern European countries. A logical consequence is that in these countries more and more bulk transport is taking place and the need for a mobile bulk truck loader like the Dino is automatically growing. Van Beek is therefore delighted to announce that a suitable agent has been found to sell the Dino in the Czech Republic.

The Czech company Hennlich Engineering is already doing good business with applications for bulk transport. The company manufactures loading bellows, dust filters and fog canons to control dust during transfer.

With the growth of the company the need for extension of the product portfolio has also grown. Hennlich Engineering also installs fixed bulk loading systems, but did not yet have any mobile equipment in its portfolio to which its own products could be fixed.

Bold step
Marketing manager with the company Jan Petru?álek had already seen the Dino on the Internet in 2013. Since the need for a mobile bulk loading system was increasing, he decided to take the bold step of contacting Van Beek. “The Dino is a unique product with a good design and a high quality. We therefore decided to approach Van Beek “, Petru?álek explained.

Van Beek taps into new market
Van Beek is not yet active in the Czech Republic. The approach of Petru?álek was therefore enthusiastically received. “Their portfolio shows that they have an extensive knowledge of bulk cargoes”, says Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek. “The Hennlich Group is also very big. The group is active in twenty countries and hence forms a strong partner with many connections in countries where we have no connections.”

Hennlich Engineering on visit to Drunen
Last Octobe Petru?álek visited the Van Beek plant in Drunen. “The communication before the visit went smoothly. During the visit Van Beek made a good and professional impression on me”, says Petru?álek.

Hennlich Engineering components on the Dino
During the visit we also looked at whether in the future Hennlich Engineering can supply standard components for the Dino, for example dust filters. The company will in any case equip the Dinos sold in the Czech Republic with its own components.

In the other countries where Van Beek already supplies the Dino they are still waiting to take this step. “We now have our own trusted ‘standard’ components that have amply proved themselves. We are not simply walking away from these of course, but it is certainly possible that in the future we will also use Hennlich Engineering components for our Dinos “, says Kneepkens.

Czech Republic is just the beginning
Hennlich Engineering is first adding the Dino to its portfolio in the Czech Republic. But there are already plans to sell the mobile bulk truck loader in the future in other countries around the Czech Republic. Hennlich Engineering’s extensive network and Petru?álek’s multilingualism may come in handy here. In addition to Czech, he also speaks Russian, English and German. Meanwhile the Dino is also actively promoted via Hennlich’s website: engineering.hennlich.cz

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