Asset Management on sludge drying project for the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

The term Asset Management is heard increasingly within organisations involved in the management and maintenance of technical installations. Asset Management revolves around the responsible, sustainable and cost effective handling of the Assets. Through interaction with our clients in different industries we have gained a lot of experience in Asset Management. As a result we can provide added value for our clients. One example of this is our cooperation with the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK) (District Water Control Board of Holland North District) in their sludge drying project in Beverwijk.

Asset Management is a continuous process in which Van Beek remains involved and interim evaluation is always carried out with the client. In the cooling and transport system for dried sewage treatment sludge, Van Beek had already been appointed as ‘main contactor’ in the sales process and managed the other suppliers. We stated then that it is not the purchase price that is most important, but what an installation is going to cost over time, for example in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Mr Kramer, project manager of the sludge drying installation at HHNK, explains. “We have been using Asset Management in the sludge dryer since 2009 in the management and maintenance of our installation. This means that we go over every installation with a fine-tooth comb and look at the risks in the area of safety, health, image, environment and of course costs. To reduce the total operating risk (maintenance) tasks, procedures and where necessary modifications are defined. All to arrive at cost effective installation management.

For the delivery, management and maintenance of two granular material cooling and conveyor installations we were of course looking for a supplier with proven products. Another important aspect for HHNK was that the supplier would also actively help us think through the management and maintenance of the installations that, at that time, still had to be designed. Van Beek fitted this picture extremely well and so we entered a 5 year partnership.

How good it is if already in the design phase of an installation you can name the possible risks of the above aspects and adapt your design to them. Add the knowhow and experience of Van Beek in the area of cooling and screw conveyor technology to the client’s knowhow of the product to be processed and there you have a perfectly functioning installation. For the client and supplier to carry out a risk analysis together is, for both parties, a new experience that is much liked.

From design to commissioning Van Beek has assisted us as partner. We look forward to the joint management and maintenance for the coming years with full confidence”.

During the engineering of a screw conveyor Van Beek not only takes into account a keen purchase price for the client, but also keeping the future management costs as low as possible. As regards existing installations of other manufacturers, we look at whether these machines can be improved so that they require less maintenance and remain operational for longer. We also investigate the options to increase the output, maximise efficiency and reduce risks in the area of safety, health and environment. In addition it does not necessarily have to be a Van Beek screw conveyor. The aim is after all to achieve the lowest possible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for you as client.

Van Beek provides this added value as extra service, we are pleased to make our knowledge and experience available. Synergy by cooperation!

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