Interview with Roel Kneepkens alias Mr. Bulk Truck Loader

“The strength of all the salesmen here is that you know what you are talking about.”

Sales manager Roel Kneepkens will be celebrating an anniversary next year, because it will be twelve and a half  years since he started working for Van Beek. He has a broad technical background so he can think along with his clients.

Kneepkens now works three days a week in the office and two days a week on client’s sites. “They are mainly system integrators and bigger engineering firms who support end users such as Shell and DSM in setting up new production plants and lines.”

This therefore means intensive consultation on plans and bid books and meetings about how the screw conveyors can best be incorporated. This is usually in the Netherlands and Belgium, but Van Beek also sells to parties in countries that include the US and India. “For bigger contracts we therefore also visit the site.”

During his studies which included the Higher Technical School (HTS) in Tilburg, Kneepkens gained considerable practical experience in the workshop of ISCO Technics. His graduation project was an enviable one. “The Efteling fairy tale theme park was at the time still busy making it technically possible to open the park 365 days a year (which is now the case). At that time I contributed to setting up the preventive maintenance, without this having any adverse effect on the visitors.”

This experience and his technical baggage are very useful in his work. “If you visit a biscuit factory you very soon see how the process runs and so you become a good sparring partner for the client. The strength of all the salesmen here is that you know what you are talking about.” To keep in touch with the factories himself, in addition to system integrators, Kneepkens also serves a few end users, such as for example Perfetti Van Melle and Imerys Talc.

Since 2009 Kneepkens has also been the point of contact for the Dino bulk truck loader. “That is a totally different world where I am mainly involved with storage and transhipment companies and logistics service providers. In the process industry people often know that they can use a screw to transport solid materials. But for transhipment companies and logistics service providers, a screw is not the first thing that comes to mind when they have to load big bags into a bulk truck. They are really looking for a suitable loading machine.”

‘Mr Bulk Truck Loader’ is Kneepkens’ alter ego on social media Every day he posts interesting facts or amusing messages. Would you like to follow Mr. Bulk Truck Loader too? You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

The great diversity of clients suits Kneepkens well. “You have a great variety of easy and difficult issues. Clients may be in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Ireland or South Korea. It is also great to be involved in processes that start as an idea on paper and then become a reality in our own workshop.”

This is not the only reason why Kneepkens enjoys going to work every day. “We also have a very good team to work with. On my very first day I noticed that the experienced colleagues made an important contribution to the good working atmosphere that you have at Van Beek. They willingly talk about their speciality and like to share their knowledge and give advice if that is necessary.”

and social media Mr. Bulk Truck Loader

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