Celsimix: developed for various difficult mixtures at a controlled temperature.

Celsius developed the Celsimix for applications that standard mixers in the food and chemical industry cannot cope with. It started as a project for mixing caramel and nuts, but in the meantime the chemical industry has also been grateful to use this special mixer.

For example a carpet tile factory is using the Celsimix to mix limestone with polyolefins.
The secret of the Celsimix lies in the Celsimix’s hollow screws and hollow casing. A heating fluid circulates through them at the temperature at which the substances mix best.

The Celsimix therefore very successfully mixes solid and liquid sticky ingredients at a controlled temperature in a gentle, continuous process. The Celsimix is made in the workshop of the famous Van Beek, which guarantees a perfect finish.

Celsius supplies the Celsimix as standard in an EasyClean design, which means that an operator has easy access to the screws. As a result the Celsimix is easy to clean and maintain.

The Celsimix is available in four different models for capacities of 700, 1200, 2450 and 3600 litres per hour. The Celsimix is made as standard of stainless steel and can be supplemented with options to make it suitable for any specific application or situation. ATEX designs are also one of the options.

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