Van Beek’s international reputation bolstered by local sales agents

Dino bulk truck loaders, screw conveyors and all the associated expertise from Van Beek Schroeftransport are renowned worldwide. Whether in Europe or Asia, Van Beek works intensively with local sales agents from all corners of the world. They are valuable assets, equipped with the necessary know-how, and have extensive knowledge of the local sales market. “To make this cooperation successful, it not only needs to be commercially sound, but sales agents must also have something to offer technically”, Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek, explains. It’s high time the spotlight is shone on these international top performers.

Stéphane Doucet, Commercial Director at Tripette & Renaud (France)
Based in France, Tripette & Renaud has a long history. This well-known and reputable flour milling supplier was founded in 1836, and years later expanded into the bulk industry through its industrial equipment division. The company has sales representatives in all regions, allowing better and faster access to customers. Doucet: “Since our cooperation with Van Beek began in 2019, a lot of doors have opened for us. The Dino is an attractive addition to our existing range, so it was a great opportunity to expand our portfolio. Moreover, Van Beek gained access to the French market, so it’s a win-win situation. The partnership has been a great success! Van Beek is always ready to help us find the right products for each customer.”

Oscar Bonet, General Manager at Envisolid (Spain and Portugal)
Spanish agency Envisolid has been acting as broker for Van Beek between Spanish end-users and the Dutch/Italian suppliers that Envisolid has represented since 2017. The focus is mainly on selling Dino bulk truck loaders, sieve shakers, sluices and valves from other agencies. Bonet: “Van Beek has the perfect range of products. For example, the Dino bulk truck loader is a unique piece of equipment, loved not only by logistics companies, but also by the chemical and plastics industries. We appreciate their customer focus, willingness to compromise, and their emphasis on quality. During our collaboration over the past five years, it has become clear how structured, helpful and cooperative Van Beek is.

George Lee, Managing Director at Compass Bulk Handling System (China)
China-based Compass expanded its business operations in early 2000 by opening a new Bulk Handling division. Since then, the dealership has worked almost exclusively with Van Beek, a collaboration it says has proved very valuable over the long term. Lee: “Van Beek deals mainly with the high-end market, which Compass also operates in. Although demand in that market is quite limited, it does remain stable from year to year. In addition, Van Beek’s product portfolio is personally tailored to our customers, something that is often not the case with other European suppliers. This makes them one of our most essential business partners.”

Svetlana Shishakova, Managing Partner at Lighthouse Technologies (Russia)
Since its foundation in 2021, Russia-based Lighthouse has been acting as an agent for Van Beek. Shishakova: “Previously, we worked with a supplier that did not fit with our market. For that reason, we decided to partner with Van Beek, as they had developed a clear market approach and strategy. They attracted positive attention soon after we began promoting their products.”

The outbreak of war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 put an end to entrepreneurship for Lighthouse in Russia. As long as the current Russian regime is in power and Russia is waging war in Ukraine, they have decided not to actively enter the Russian market. However, sales in Ukraine will continue, despite the difficult situation in that country. Therefore, Lighthouse continues to operate for Van Beek in Ukraine. Instead of their business operations in Russia, this year they have invested their resources, time and energy in humanitarian aid to Ukraine through the aid organisation LifeLine Ukraine. Thanks to donors, they have already been able to provide €3.5 million in humanitarian aid through their network in Ukraine.

Frank Müller, owner of Müller Consulting and Trading (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
Müller and Van Beek go back a long way. More than 17 years ago, the owner of Germany-based Müller Consulting and Trading was working as a sales representative for Van Beek in the German market. Müller: “In 2020, I was given the opportunity to further develop my own business, and I remembered that Van Beek had once asked me to act as an agent for the German market. Although it was a great offer, it wasn’t compatible with my work at the time. So I was relieved to hear that they were still interested. In addition to Germany, I now also supply the Austrian and Swiss markets, where I see great opportunities for Dino bulk truck loaders. These are countries in which companies are eager to take on more and more activities regarding their customers’ storage and freight handling, tasks for which the Dino is ideally suited.”

Ain Adamson, port logistics business consultant at Okeanos (Estonia)
Estonia-based Okeanos was founded in 2004 and specialises in offering solutions related to port management logistics in the Baltic Sea. Van Beek and Okeanos met over three years ago through a joint partner. The Estonian company’s motto is ‘Think globally and act locally’ and, partly due to this mindset, has already managed to sell several Dinos in the Baltic Sea region. Adamson: “We are very customer-oriented, which means that what we offer must be the best solution for our customers. For this reason, we often choose Van Beek; the Dino bulk truck loader is a fantastic machine in its own right. Although the purchase costs are relatively high, the Dino is so solid and reliable that our customers are always satisfied. Worldwide, people have tried to replicate a cheaper version of Dino, but unsurprisingly, these imitations always remain in the shadow of the original. In this respect, the Dino is truly unique!”

Harry Yoo, Managing Director at TOSOLtec (South-Korea)
TOSOLtec was founded in February 2001 to provide total solutions to customers in the plastics-related extrusion, packaging and peripheral equipment industries, and operates several agencies, including one for the Dino bulk truck loader. Yoo: “There are many petrochemical companies in South Korea, with each petrochemical company producing different resins in a range of different grades. Resins that are in high demand are stored in silos after production and then transported directly to tankers. However, these silos are limited, so the remainder of the resins are stored in big bags. During transport, a forklift lifts two big bags over the top of a tanker truck, and a worker opens the bottom section of the big bag over the tanker truck. Most of this hazardous activity is carried out outdoors, especially during the hot summer season, and this dangerous work often results in accidents. Only the Dino can eliminate this risk factor. However, since our customers cannot use a dedicated Dino for every type of resin, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Inadequate cleaning can cause different resins to mix, which is a big problem. For quick and easy cleaning, Van Beek produces screw conveyors with a surface roughness Ra of less than 0.05 µm (mirror smooth), making the Dino perfectly designed for easy cleaning using compressed air or water.

Hans Tønnesen, Sales Director at Tekemas (Denmark and Sweden)
Tekemas was founded in Copenhagen in 1971, where they provide customised powder handling solutions for the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as for the chemical and powdered metal industries. Tekemas’ solutions are characterized by their advanced technology, precision, reliability and high quality. Tønnesen: “We, like Van Beek, are very customer-oriented, and we emphasise cooperation with customers and understanding their needs as being the foundation for a successful partnership, thereby providing solutions which create a win-win situation. Tekemas has been in partnership with Van Beek for ten years, and we have nothing but praise for such a well-organised company that has a so much expertise in their field, and which they are happy to share with their partners.”

Remigiusz Buchowski, co-owner of PHU OZB (Poland)
Founded in 2011, PHU OZB supplies a variety of equipment for bulk handling sector for the Polish market. Buchowski: “The cooperation with Van Beek started only a few years ago. Van Beek’s solutions are of the highest quality available in the market. So, understandably, this also comes with a different price tag, but once the customer “feels” and experiences the quality they are dealing with, they never ask for another supplier. To quote a final “end user” of DINO: “It is worth every euro spent on this great machine – working with it is a pure pleasure”.

Are you also interested in becoming an international dealer or agent for Van Beek Schroeftransport’s Dino bulk truck loader? We are currently looking for partners in Italy, Turkey and England, among other countries, but we would also be happy to discuss other potential territories with you. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to Roel Kneepkens via or call +31 (0)416 37 52 25.

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