RB Intermodal uses Dinos worldwide

At four strategic locations around the world, the Dinos at RB Intermodal form an important and valuable link in the transport process for bulk goods. This international and innovative supply chain service provider, specialising in dry solids, offers logistics solutions in particular for the chemical and mining industry. Dedicated cooperation between RB Intermodal and Van Beek is creating ground-breaking opportunities.

“We have invested in Dinos because this turn-key machine is simple to operate and can easily be extended with all sorts of options”, explains Onno Sturme of RB Intermodal. “Furthermore the Dino is a safe solution for loading 25kg to 1,000kg big-bags. Apart from the fact that you are investing in an excellent quality machine, Van Beek is always ready for us with customer-specific knowledge and good fast service.”

Custom made
The DR 300 stainless steel Dinos for RB Intermodal have a capacity of 45m³ per hour, a loading bellows on the outlet side and a dust filter which is integrated into the base frame. The Dinos are also fitted with a removable expansion rim as a result of which a bigger quantity of the product can be poured through bigger buffering. “In addition these bulk truck loaders are made for several voltages and the motors are adapted for the country in which they are located”, says Roel Kneepkens, Sales Engineer at Van Beek. “The machines are supplied in RB Intermodal’s company colour and all are shipped in a 40ft sea container. However, they also fit extremely well onto a truck so they are flexible to use.”

RB Intermodal transports powder products in particular, including many talc powders. In Oman raw materials for the oil industry are loaded. Sturme says: “There are different grades of powders but it is not necessary to clean the Dinos in between. For our applications, with 4 to 5 consignments a day, the Dino is perfect. Apart from one small fault we have not yet had any problem with the Dinos.”

The strength of the Dino, according to Sturme, lies in the fact that it can be assembled to suit the customer’s specific requirements. “Van Beek designs for us the Dinos we have in mind, for example with special extraction”, says Sturme. “With other companies this is often not possible.”

In 2013 Sturme saw the Dino at work for the first time at another company and this was how he came into contact with Kneepkens. “At a visit to Van Beek in October 2013 the technical matters were discussed and the basis for the four Dinos for RB Intermodal was largely laid.”, says Kneepkens. “At present we are cooperating on a project for new loading stations for filling and unloading containers. The cooperation with RB Intermodal runs smoothly and at the same time they also profile themselves as an excellent ambassador. Through them other companies can now also find Van Beek.”

Sturme adds: “Van Beek is characterised by a high level of involvement where a suitable solution is offered with short lines of communication. They help us to think things through and we can at all times count on their help and support. The expertise of Van Beek, with their knowledge of our business processes, fits in seamlessly with our wishes and those of our customers.”

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